A Guide to Cosmetic Injectables

If you're new to the world of cosmetic injectables, you're not alone. Dr. Clara Hurst explains all you need to know about cosmetic enhancement…

What is the difference between fillers and wrinkle relaxers?

Wrinkle relaxers work by relaxing underlying facial muscles to give the face a more relaxed and pleasant appearance. The aim is to soften facial lines and wrinkles which can create a tired or stressed appearance. Wrinkle relaxing treatments are extremely safe with millions of people being treated with excellent results. Side effects are minimal and rare. The procedure is painless, only takes minutes to have done and there is no downtime.

As time passes, our skin loses its youthful suppleness and elasticity. Lines begin to appear and over time, they become deeper and more noticeable. Dermal fillers are made of a particularly soft gel that feels natural and smooth and most have the added benefit of containing a local anesthetic. They can smooth out lines and wrinkles, and give more volume to lips, cheeks or the outlines of the face. They can also be used to balance one's profile.

Who should I see?

When it comes to cosmetic injectables, do your research! It really pays to make sure you are seeing a highly qualified and experienced cosmetic injector. Ask around, read reviews and jump onto Instagram to have a look at your injector's work.

What happens at my appointment?

I always advise an initial consultation before jumping head first into injectables. This way you can ease any worries or anxieties about the treatment and ensure you feel comfortable with your injector. In a consultation, your injector will speak with you about your concerns, areas you want to be treated, what is involved and how much it will cost you. From here, a treatment plan is devised and

How long does it last?

Wrinkle relaxers are at their best about 14 days after treatment and generally, we see clients coming back for re-treatments every 3-4 months. Dermal fillers will last anywhere between 6-18 months, but this will depend on how well the patient responds to the treatment and what type of filler is used.

Is there any downtime?

There is no downtime associated with wrinkle relaxers. Some patients may experience mild headaches or tenderness at the injection site at the very most. This will subside within 24 hours. We recommend not touching the area or engaging in any strenuous physical exercise for the 24 hours following. The filler may cause some slight redness and mild bruising, but if you have an experienced injector it should be minimised! After your filler treatment, you should avoid alcohol, exercise and makeup. Apply ice to ease any discomfort.

How much will it cost me?

This will all depend on the amount you have done and the cost per unit your injector charges. It's important not to base your decision on cost though (cheaper is not always better!) as you are investing in your health and it's crucial to consider an experienced injector who does great work over cheap treatments.