How a 30 minute body sculpting treatment fixed my back problems forever

For as long as I can remember I have suffered with lower back pain. No matter how much I stretched or attended clinical Pilates classes, it was always nagging at me. As a pretty sporty person I never did myself any favours by exercising a lot but it wasn't until I couldn't get out of bed one day that I knew I had to make a change. 

I had always been told that strong gluteal muscles helped to protect the lower back but I didn't realise it would actually alleviate existing pain. I thought I had tried everything to strengthen them, and truth be told I was getting so bored of doing endless squats each day to try and improve my muscles! I had heard about EMSCULPT and how it worked to help strengthen muscles on a really deep level, so I gave it a go - and I have never looked back! I attended my first session at BLANC in Cottesloe a little nervous about what to expect but the team were so lovely and explained the whole process to me.

The treatment takes 30 minutes in total, and for buttocks you are required to lie face down in one of their divine treatment rooms while 2 paddles are strapped gently to the buttocks. The intensity of the contractions is increased to your personal level of tolerance and you simply just get to lie there and relax! It honestly just felt like a buzz on my muscles, which contracted at a rate of 20,000 contractions for the 30 minute session.

I had four sessions in total and will definitely be going back for maintenance sessions but for the first time in my life I am not in agony after a bike ride or beach run! I saw my Physio recently too who commented on the significant increase in muscle strength and tone of my glutes. I couldn't be happier and would recommend this to anyone who is either hoping to alleviate pain or tone up areas of their body. 

- Anna, 42

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