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As Mother’s Day draws close for another year, we’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about our mums and, for some of us, what it means to be a mother ourselves.

We are all so lucky to have such great mums and when reflecting what we loved most about them, we all agreed that it was the lessons they taught us that were the most important. Life lessons were up there for sure: manners, how to cook the perfect scrambled eggs and the importance of honesty, but our mums have also passed down some pretty nifty beauty tips over the years and we couldn’t help but share them with you.

"My mum's biggest love in life is education, not beauty! But the best beauty lesson I ever received from her was that there is nothing more beautiful than a woman who is confident within herself"  - Clara

“My mum's biggest beauty lessons were: less is more when it comes to makeup and never shave my legs, only wax!” - Angela 

“My mum helped me navigate the Clinique counter at David Jones when I was a teenager, taught me all about the benefits of retinol and to always wear SPF. But the best lesson she ever gave me is that beauty is more than skin deep.” - Lucy  

“Mum wasn’t great with any of the beauty advice, but my nana had products for days!
She was all about moisturising” - Gemma


“Less is always more when it comes to makeup, and be sun smart!” - Steff

"Mums lessons to me were always make time for self care, moisturise your hands and enough sleep is the best way to look refreshed and bright" - Jordan

“Mum always kept things very simple when it came to skincare and makeup. But one thing she was a big advocate for was drinking plenty of water - stay hydrated and your skin will thank you!” - Paige

My mums best beauty advice has always been "less is more" which was part of the inspiration for my brand, The Secret Skincare, which focuses on minimal products for amazing skin." - Deb

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