Our Collab With The Australian Childhood Foundation

For The Kids

We are so excited to announce that for the month of December 2021, we will be donating 1% of all sales to the Australian Childhood Foundation!

That's 1% from:
Every treatment.
Every product.
Every voucher!


Why did we choose the Australian Childhood Foundation?

Here at Blanc, our team is made up of many incredible mums with young kids. 

We are choosing to support this organisation because of the important work they are doing to protect vulnerable children and help them recover from the impact of abuse, neglect and family violence. 

Their work has a direct impact on restoring a childhood full of hope, dreams imagination and love.

That does this organisation do?

The Australian Childhood Foundation was founded to protect children and help them recover from the impact of abuse, neglect and family violence. They provide specialised support to help children heal and to keep them safe, and to ensure their voices are heard. 

For children who have endured abuse, neglect or family violence, relationships are painful, so they often shut down. 

Without the warmth and certainty of love, children give up on relationships. 

They hide. They despair, they often reject those who try to reach out to them. 

They are often told the abuse is their fault and they are unlovable, so they are isolated by their feelings of shame and worthlessness. 

Out of the kids supported by the Foundation

42% have major difficulties making and keeping friends
10%+ cannot identify a friend
48% have been bullied
68% are at least two years behind academically

After working with the Australian Childhood Foundation 

77% of children catch up to their age-appropriate academic level
88% of children do not experience further foster care placement breakdowns  64% of children successfully engage in a social group or sport for the first time 

Whether you are investing in some skincare for yourself or a voucher for your loved ones, know that your purchase is helping to support this worthwhile cause.