Skincare tips for men

Ok guys, listen up! If you've been neglecting your skincare, it's time to start paying attention. Looking after your skin doesn't need to be complex or confusing, but men have very different skin needs to women, so here are a few hot tips. ⁣

Get professional advice
Men produce more sebum which can lead to breakouts, blocked pores and blackheads. Men who are experiencing any of these and want to get their skin health in check should book in for a consult with a dermal therapist. They will assess your skin and guide you through a simple and achievable treatment plan and home care regime. 

A hairy situation
Another very popular treatment amongst the lads these days is IPL hair removal. Great for areas such as back, chest and stomach, IPL can save hours of shaving plus reduce the occurrence of ingrown hairs. Blanc uses state of the art technology for painless, long lasting hair removal. Read more about our IPL Hair Removal treatments here

Wrinkle relaxers aren't just for wrinkles! 
Men naturally sweat more than women, but excessive sweating can be treated through the use of tiny muscle relaxing injections. Super effective at reducing sweating by 90% for up to 6 months. 

Prevention is key
Wear SPF! Decrease your risk of sun damage and protect your skin from the early signs of ageing by applying a daily sunscreen. Some great daily SPF options include MOTHER SPF or Medik8 Physical Sunscreen. These physical blocks work hard at preventing UV damage and are perfect for highly active lifestyles. 

Not sure where to start? A consultation at Blanc is a great first step. Our team of highly experienced dermal therapists and cosmetic injectors are available to help guide you through whatever skin or body concerns you're facing. 

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