IMBIBE Collagen Lips - Plum Honey

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Original Collagen Lips with an added a touch of all natural pigment that’s somewhere in between a rich deep chocolate and a burgundy.

Not purple, not crimson, just the rich depth of plum that is proven to be universally flattering for all face shapes, lip sizes and skin tones and textures.

All plump, no ouch. The elastic-like lattice of bioactive collagen peptides with a specific molecular weight of 7kDa penetrates lips transdermally to anchor spheres of collagen peptides.

IMBIBE Signature Fatty Acid Complex locks in hydration, moisture and plumpness to keep lips hydrated for longer. All natural light-reflecting pigment spheres make the lips look fuller, bouncier, and plumper for longer.

A volumising, nourishing lip treatment with active collagen peptides to volumise lip tissue, stimulate collagen and hydrate. Works as a lip treatment, mask and balm all in one. 100% natural. 75% certified organic ingredients. Hydrates and nourishes the lips with absolutely no stinging sensation.