Dr Clara Hurst

Blanc is owned and led by Dr Clara Hurst. Clara graduated as a dentist from King’s College London Medical & Dental School in 2005. Her interest in cosmetic procedures and facial aesthetics led to further training and study within the field of facial rejuvenation and cosmetic enhancement procedures, including training and working as a cosmetic injector at world renowned Harley Street in London.

Clara has 17 years hands on experience in anti-wrinkle and facial sculpting treatments. She prides herself in achieving very natural results for her patients and believes that in most cases a conservative treatment approach is the best way to achieve her signature "untouched" and refreshed look.

Dr Hurst is also a trainer and educator for Dermamedical Australia and trains doctors, dentists and nurses in the latest non-surgical cosmetic enhancement techniques.


Caroline has been a Registered Nurse for the past 15 years and began her career in aesthetics as a Nurse Injector in 2011. She has extensive experience in administering wrinkle relaxers, dermal fillers, PRP and fat dissolving treatments and believes in an understated approach to facial rejuvenation

With a keen eye for detail, Caroline loves seeing how strategically placed injectables can enhance natural beauty and boost confidence. Caroline’s warm nature ensures patients feel relaxed and comfortable throughout their treatment journey.


Megan is an endorsed Nurse Practitioner, Cosmetic Injector and Midwife with over 15 years of experience. She brings with her a wealth of skills and expertise to our clinic and holds several post graduate qualifications including a Master's Degree dedicated to aesthetics, dermatology, and vascular health.

We love her holistic approach to treatments as she draws from her background in women's health and her extensive experience in the industry to deliver incredibly natural results that respect her patient's unique features and aesthetic goals.

Megan is highly skilled at administering all cosmetic and medically indicated treatments offered at Blanc with a strong focus on prescribing multimodal and comprehensive treatment plans.


Sharon is Blancs newest cosmetic nurse who provides both advanced dermal therapy and cosmetic injectables. Sharon has a bachelor of science (in nursing) and a postgraduate diploma in cosmetic nursing.

Before becoming a nurse, Sharon spent 14 years as a dermal therapist. Sharon is able to achieve incredible results by combining both her advanced dermal knowledge and cosmetic injector skills. 

Sharon has a beautiful holistic approach with her patients, starting with cosmeceuticals and lasers to restore skin health and continuing with injectables to help with signs of ageing and facial contouring.


Lizzie is a Cosmetic Injector and Registered Nurse with a Master’s Degree. She brings a refined touch cultivated through her longstanding experience as Dr. Hurst's injectables assistant. Her technique blends Clara’s artistry with a personalised approach, ensuring clients radiate confidence. 

With a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Science and fertility industry background, Lizzie's histological knowledge elevates her clients' cosmetic injectable experiences and optimizes results through targeted skin therapies.

Guided by her warm demeaner, she curates tailored treatments, to help achieve desired results, whether you're new to injectables or seeking fresh experiences.


Sammy is a cosmetic injector and Registered Nurse who holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Personally mentored by clinic owner and lead cosmetic injector Dr Clara Hurst, Sammy strongly aligns her practice with Blanc’s holistic approach and remarkable standard.

 With a comprehensive understanding of skin, preventative aging and facial aesthetics, she believes in subtle enhancements to achieve natural results. To provide her patients with outcomes that are both desired and attainable, Sammy places much emphasis on educational opportunities and tailored treatment plans.

Sammy prides herself on making every client feel welcome and confident at Blanc, and she looks forward to maintaining her client relationships as a cosmetic injector at Blanc Skin.


Dr Sam Aravinth brings over 20 years of medical experience to the practice. He is a certified trainer for thread lifts and regularly takes part in Key opinion meetings in the advancement of thread lift techniques.  Dr Sam takes pleasure in providing individualised, tailored results to each one of his patients. He is passionate about delivering natural and subtle enhancements with minimal downtime to his patients. 

Dr Sam generally advises 4-6 threads on each side of the face for a mid face thread lift to achieve maximum results. Dr Sam will be available for consultations and treatments at Blanc every Monday.


Julie-Ann is BLANC's senior Dermal Therapist. Her beauty, spa and dermal therapy background allows her to create the ultimate experience for clients, achieving results whilst adding her signature touch of relaxation.

Julie-Ann's extensive knowledge and love for everything skin allows her to develop treatment plans for her clients, restoring confidence and happiness whilst also educating them on skin health during the process.

Her magic touch will have you floating on cloud nine and feeling utterly blissed out in no time.


Introducing Blanc's latest addition to our Dermal team, Rhiana Henderson. Rhiana is a highly skilled and experienced dermal practitioner, working within the industry for the past 6 years. Her expertise lies in effectively addressing a wide range of skin concerns, including rosacea, acne, scarring, anti-aging, and pigmentation. Rhiana's deep understanding of dermal treatments ensures that she can provide our valued clients with the utmost care and exceptional results.


Maddi is our gorgeous Clinic Development Manager at Blanc.

With several years of experience in customer service and the beauty industry Maddi understands what it takes to ensure your experience at Blanc is second to none.⁣

Maddi loves building genuine relationships with clients and working within a team environment. 

Maddi is passionate about skin health and is proud to be part of a team that empowers our clientele.


Nikita is one of our beautiful Clinic Assistants here at Blanc.

Her passion for skincare and overall health and wellness, combined with her interest in cosmetic injectable techniques, sees her sharing her time in the clinic assisting Dr. Clara Hurst during procedures, as well as nurturing authentic relationships with clients pre and post treatment.

Finding harmony between being professional and personable, Nikita prides herself on delivering the flawless Blanc experience - supporting each individual to not only achieve their most radiant skin, but to feel confident and empowered in it too.