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Rejuran® Perth is a concentrated injectable polynucleotide (PN) extract from Wild Salmon DNA that is effective in skin rejuvenation. It helps restore skin health, improve skin elasticity, and repair skin damage caused by frequent UV exposure or various other chemicals, allowing skin tissue to heal and return to normal.

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REJURAN® is the newest revolutionary bio skin Healer injectable. It is a gel formation of polynucleotides, made of wild salmon DNA fragments extracted using Pharma Research company’s proprietary DOT™️ technology (DNA Optimising Technology).

REJURAN® Perth is a polynucleotide DNA derived injectable that is non-hyaluronic acid based. REJURAN® stimulates and 'tricks' your body into producing collagen, which in turn treats wrinkles, fine lines, and slows down the effects of overall aging.

REJURAN® is a potent and advanced skin rejuvenation treatment that can wind back the clock with cellular repair properties that help you achieve youthful, natural and healthy skin. Treatment with PN is suitable for almost anyone of any age and gender, who may have the following skin issues or aesthetic requirements.  

  • Skin barrier regeneration
  • Protective layer of the skin by increasing thickness and density of inner skin  
  • Promotes collagen synthesis in the skin  
  • Reduces fine lines & wrinkles  
  • Reduces Pigmentation  
  • Reduces Sagging Skin  
  • Improves skin elasticity  
  • Improves Hydration  
  • Improves acne scarred tissues 
  • Reduces enlarge pores  
  • Improves skin texture & tone  
  • Balance skin oil & moisture
  • Those who desire a natural and healthy skin 
  • Those who desire to freshen and tighten facial skin 
  • Those who have dark eye circles and dull skin 
  • Those who have fine wrinkles on their face 
  • Those who have sensitive and thin skin 
  • Those who do not want Filler or Toxins anymore 
  • Those who have skin sagging and acne scars, stretch marks 
  • Those who experience side effects caused by other treatments

Each treatment session takes between 10 to 15 minutes to perform. We use numbing gel for 30 minutes prior to Rejuran injections as this markedly reduces discomfort. 

REJURAN® Perth is not like conventional filler or laser treatments.
It works by activating the skin's own regenerative ability to restore its own collagen structure and increase skin elasticity.

While there may be some initial slight swelling or papules on the treated areas immediately after the treatment, this will subside within 24 hours and you can go about your day activities as usual.

Composed of highly bio-compatible DNA fragments, REJURAN® fundamentally restores the skin without any adverse effects. It is also completely safe and effective for those areas that are difficult to treat with hyaluronic acid filler or toxin.

  • $800 for under eye treatment
  • $800 for scar tissue treatment