Dermal Fillers

As time passes, our skin loses its youthful suppleness and elasticity. Lines begin to appear and over time, they become deeper and more noticeable. There is a natural way to restore your appearance - without resorting to surgery. Dr Hurst uses a new generation of filler to correct lines and give more volume to lips, cheeks or the outlines of the face. It is a particularly soft gel that feels natural and smooth and has the added benefit of containing a local anaesthetic.

Here at Blanc, we are experts at discreet and subtle enhancements, and pride ourselves on our natural-looking results.

0.5ml $500 
1ml $800-$900
Tear trough correction $800
Skin boosters (per ml) $600 
Lips & fine lines $400 - $600 
Folds (NLF, marionette) $600 - $700
Contour (cheeks, chins, temples etc.) $800