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NeoLifting Sculpting Facial

Are you looking to rejuvenate your skin and achieve a more youthful, sculpted appearance without invasive procedures? Look no further than our NeoLifting Sculpting Facial, a cutting-edge skincare treatment designed to enhance your natural beauty and restore a youthful glow.

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NeoLifting is a specialised facial massage technique that focuses mainly on the facial muscles and superficial fascia of the face and neck. 

The treatment works by tapping into the body's internal resources for rejuvenation and recovery. It improves circulation and lymphatic drainage, enhances subcutaneous adipose tissue, microcirculation, normalises cellular respiration, and stimulates metabolism and tissue nourishment. The treatment is performed outside and inside the mouth mostly focusing on the facial muscles, resulting in a 'lifting' effect of the muscles.

NeoLifting is considered to be a holistic approach to skincare, and provides results without pain.

NeoLifting helps to;

  • Restore facial posture through increased circulation
  • Enables metabolism and tissue nourishment
  • Encourages lymphatic drainage to reduce the appearance of puffiness and swelling
  • Reduces water retention in face and lymph nodes
  • Improves appearance and elasticity of the skin via stimulation of skin cell regeneration
  • Prevention of wrinkles

NeoLifting is suitable for those seeking for a more holistic approach to skincare. NeoLifting is used to clear lymphatic blockages, and works at draining toxins from the face, neck and décolletage.

If you are starting to notice the first signs of ageing skin and are seeking a non-surgical facelift, we recommend considering NeoLifting Sculpting Facials.

A NeoLifting Sculpting Facial treatment lasts for 75 minutes. Experience immediate improvements in skin firmness and texture after just one session however a course of 6, spaced one week apart is advised for best and lasting results. 

  • $400 for a single treatment
  • $1200 for a package of 6 (recommended) - a saving of $50 per treatment when booked as a package

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