Dr Clara Hurst's must have beauty products

When it comes to skin, I am a firm believer in the two C's: commitment and consistency. By diligently following a thorough regime, you are guaranteed results - always!⁣

Clear, bright, glowing skin comes from a devoted skincare routine that is full of hardworking and nourishing actives, make your products work for you and invest in premium quality ingredients. 

The products I can't live without?

The Secret Skincare

It goes without saying that this is my favourite skincare brand. My skin gets everything it needs from just a few key products and I couldn't live without it.

Mesoestetic Melan 130 SPF 50+ 
This is the ultimate sun protection for our harsh Aussie UV rays and suits my busy, active lifestyle perfectly. Goes on so easily and leaves the most amazing dewy glow, great for those non-makeup days! 

Shop Melan 130 

Cosmedix Simply Brilliant 24/7 Brightening Serum
I love this serum for its remarkable brightening results that always perks my skin up when I need it to. Lactic and salicylic acids also work to refine texture of the skin leaving behind radiant, smooth skin. This is a must-have for all at home skin regimes. 

Shop Simply Brilliant

Aspect Fruit Enzyme Mask
Probably one of our best sellers at the moment, the Aspect Fruit Enzyme Mask is my go-to for a twice weekly at home facial. The combination of physical and chemical exfoliation sloughs off dead skin to reveal radiant, smooth skin. Plus it smells like a fruit smoothie! 

Shop Fruit Enzyme Mask


Medik8 Eyes and Lips Micellar Cleanse 
Always the first step in my evening routine, I love how quickly and easily this makeup remover dissolves a full face of makeup without leaving skin feeling stripped and dry. 

Shop Micellar Cleanse

Medik8 Hydr8 B5 Intense 
As we move into winter I am finding my skin to be a little extra dry at the moment and using a highly active skincare range means my skin needs a little extra nourishment. This serum is great to layer under day or night creams or works with other serums to deliver a big drink of water to the skin. It absorbs instantly and leaves no reside or trace behind. 

Shop Hydr8 B5 Intense

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