Morpheus8 - Why we love this treatment for younger looking skin

Morpheus8 has a endless list of benefits for skin and has received a influx of online publicity and influencer endorsement - making Morpheus8 one of the most sought-after skin treatments currently on the market.

As we get older, our body’s ability to naturally produce collagen and elastin decreases each year, meaning our skin elasticity also decreases. Collagen is a type of protein that allows tissues to stretch and then recoil. It is found in your skin’s dermis layer where it is the main component of connective elastic tissue. The less collagen we have, the less elasticity we have, which results (over time) in fine lines and wrinkles.  

How does Morpheus8 work?

Morpheus8 is unique in targeting and strengthening the Fibro-Septal Network (FSN) skin-fat matrix, which results in improved skin appearance and reduced irregularities on the face and body.
Morpheus8 is used for treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, pore size reduction, overall skin concerns, face and body remodelling in areas such as the abdomen, thighs, flanks and buttocks.

Morpheus8 treatments emit low-frequency electromagnetoc waves that generate electromagnetic fields. These electromagnetic fields cause thermal heating to the skin’s dermal layer, which results in a breaking down of the skin’s collagen. Breaking down the skin’s dermal layer causes the skin to work hard at healing itself by producing collagen and elastin; something the skin is unable to do unless it’s been given a reason to heal. 

How many treatments will I need?

Results are usually visible within 7 days and continue to improve over a six-week period. The results of a Morpheus8 treatment can last up to 12 months*. 

Blanc recommends one to three treatments, usually spaced one month apart. Your therapist will tailor a treatment plan based on your skin’s condition and the extent of the work that is required.

It’s best to see how your skin responds to treatment after your first session and we highly recommend discussing your treatment goals with your therapist during your initial consultation.

What are the benefits of Morphesu8? 

Some of the benefits Blanc’s patients experience after a Morpheus8 treatment include:

  • Smoother skin texture with smaller-looking pores
  • A reduction in acne scars and marks
  • Less noticeable fines lines and wrinkles
  • A more "snatched" jawline and more sculpted cheekbones
  • Skin that looks firmer, tighter, and lifted

    What is the downtime for a Morpheus8 treatment?

    The downtime after Morpheus8 varies from 1 to 5 days. Some redness, bruising, and swelling are to be expected after your treatment, and small scabs will form on the area treated. It is advised to not wear make up for the first 24-48 hours.

    It is important to note that the healing time from a Morpheus8 treatment is entirely dependant on each person; our skin’s capacity to stimulate collagen varies, and it is also important to note that collagen reproduction is not instant.
    Although your skin may have a youthful glow straight after your appointment, you may not have any noticeable results until up to one month following your treatment.

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    Morpheus8 - Why we love this treatment for younger looking skin

    Morpheus8 has a endless list of benefits for skin and has received a influx of online publicity and influencer endorsement - making Morpheus8 one of...

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