The Science Behind Light Therapy For Acne And Inflammation

Global pandemics, pollution and fast-paced living have sparked somewhat of a stress crisis, and as skin experts, we have noticed our clients skin suffering the consequences. The skins own immune system responds to external and internal stressors by visibly presenting itself on the skin's surface as congestion and inflammation.

Acne is a common yet complex skin condition experienced by many at some point in their lives and is caused by multiple factors including hormones, bacteria, diet, lifestyle, genetics and gut health. Many factors influence acne, including the release of cortisol (stress hormone), which sends our sebum production into overdrive. When your skin is secreting too much sebum, this waxy substance can clog your pores and prevent them from shedding dead skin cells effectively. This environment creates a breeding ground for a type of bacteria known as Propionibacterium acnes.

While a degree of P. acnes bacteria is natural on healthy skin, an overgrowth can lead to increased inflammation and breakouts.

How Does Light Therapy Treat Acne?

Our new Omnilux Clear Mask uses light-emitting diode (LED) therapy that combines clinically proven wavelengths of light to actively kill P. acnes bacteria and tackle acne and inflammation quickly and safely.

The LED light therapy is a non-invasive treatment that harnesses specific wavelengths of light to treat a multitude of skin conditions as well as promote healthy skin function. These LED lights work in a way that other light rays can't. They emit a long wavelength that allows light to penetrate so deep into the skin that it can actually stimulate repair of damaged cells.

Light therapy goes where creams, lotions and serums don’t go, penetrating the skin epidermis to eliminate acne-causing bacteria at the source whilst being gentle and drug-free.

The new Omnilux Clear Mask uses FDA-cleared red and blue LED light therapy to significantly reduce the appearance of and minimise acne. The mask uses two different LED colour treatment wavelengths to target multiple skin concerns.

Red light (633nm) therapy has been clinically proven to minimise visible signs of ageing and works to reduce the look of inflammation, calm irritation and strengthen the skin. Stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, whilst increasing increase cell regeneration for a more youthful-looking appearance. 

Ideal for oily and acne-prone skin, blue light (415nm) therapy balances and clarifies the skin by directly targeting and eliminating P. acnes bacteria that causes acne. You will noticed less congestion and your skin texture will appear more refined and smooth with regular use.

The Omnilux wavelengths have also been shown to stimulate collagen and elastin production within the cells while improving blood flow and tissue oxygenation through a process called photobiomodulation. These effects help the skin cells absorb topically applied skincare products more effectively and help to rebuild the damage caused by acne. Revitalising skin cells, the Omnilux Clear Mask improves the energy function of your mitochondria (the powerhouse of skin cells) for a healthy barrier function.

Creating a clear and healthy-looking complexion, the Omnilux Clear Mask channels safe and effective LED wavelengths into the deeper depths of the skin layers to rejuvenate ageing skin, diminish dark spots, lessen scars, effectively reduce breakouts and stimulate collagen synthesis for a visibly brighter and radiant appearance with regular use. 

Best of all, you can take this mask with you anywhere and treat yourself to healing wavelengths of light while you watch TV, meditate, or work on your laptop. It's never been so easier to nourish your skin with such a powerful clinical treatment from the comfort of your own home.

The Omnilux Clear Mask is available on our website now, so you can experience the skin-transforming results for yourself.



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