Wrinkle relaxers: a magic solution for migraines and teeth grinding?

Botox for bruxism and teeth grinding


We’ve all heard of anti-wrinkle injections, but what if we told you that they can be used for so much more than preserving youth and creating smooth, crease-free skin?

Wrinkle relaxers have a long history of medical applications, helping patients with a range of conditions including severe headaches, muscle tension, teeth grinding, bladder dysfunction, excessive sweating and so much more.

In fact, this treatment was first used by ophthalmologists in the 1970's to relieve eye disorders, and it was here that an unexpected side-effect was noted - many patients were returning with fewer frown lines!

Today, wrinkle relaxers have many practical uses when it comes to improving the quality of life for many sufferers of chronic pain and tension, often exasperated by stressful modern life. Keep reading to discover how wrinkle relaxers work, what conditions they could aid, and whether or not this promising treatment is right for you.

What are wrinkle relaxers?

For those unacquainted with anti-wrinkle injections, it’s always a good idea to understand how they work before going in for your first session under the needle.

Many wrinkles form over time due to repetitive muscle usage in the face. Wrinkle relaxers work by injecting a substance directly into the skin, temporarily disabling muscle movement to soften the appearance of lines and wrinkles (or preventing them from forming to begin with).

This treatment is a non-surgical procedure that can often be performed in under 10 minutes, and while there are various formulas available from different providers, all work with the common goal to reduce over-activity of the facial muscles.

Depending on the amount of product used, this treatment can pause muscle movement entirely, or simply relax the area slightly for a smoother appearance.

Most wrinkle relaxers derive from bacterium clostridium botulinum, or botulinum toxin type A, a protein that temporarily inhibits nerve activity in the muscles. While the effect of the protein has an undeniable impact on the appearance of wrinkles, the increased relaxation of the muscles has been known to alleviate painful conditions such as migraines and bruxism.

So while wrinkle relaxers are most commonly used as a quick fix for banishing unwanted signs of ageing, could they really be the key to looking younger AND feeling better?

What conditions can wrinkle relaxers help with?

Headaches and migraines

Wrinkle relaxers have been known to soothe the symptoms of a handful of health concerns, including those dreaded migraines which can leave suffers bed-bound. This treatment is now considered a legitimate method of alleviating and preventing migraines and headaches, with many long-term sufferers seeing vast improvement after undergoing muscle relaxing injections.

This treatment works by blocking the nerves which carry pain from the crown muscles to the brain, meaning the pathway responsible for the migraine has been interrupted. Wrinkle relaxers won’t be the ultimate cure for migraines, which can be worsened by common triggers such as stress and menstruation, but have so far proven to be an effective form of relief until the injections wear off after around 4 months.

Bruxism, TMJ and teeth grinding

Anti-wrinkle injections are also becoming increasingly popular for bruxism (a condition characterised by jaw clenching and grinding teeth) and dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), which joins the skull and lower jaw. Wrinkle relaxers directly address the muscles responsible for these conditions, and decrease tension and clenching by actively relaxing muscles. As an added bonus, this also gives the appearance of a slimmer jawline – leaving your face looking slender and youthful while reducing pain and gradual teeth erosion.

 Perth Jaw Slimming

Are wrinkle relaxers for me?

Wrinkle relaxers could be an ideal alternative for those who have found little relief from medication to treat their chronic pain. By directly targeting the muscles in question, wrinkle relaxers can provide a fast and effective solution for migraines, bruxism, TMJ and other conditions that can reduce your quality of life and potentially lead to issues like insomnia, teeth erosion, jaw misalignment and even tinnitus.

If you’re unsure whether wrinkle relaxers are for you, it’s always best to have an in-depth discussion with a registered cosmetic injector before going ahead with the treatment, as they can best assess how to meet your needs while ensuring optimal health and safety. The procedure is quick and pain-free with minimal side effects, but the results can dramatically reduce chronic tension.

If you’re in need of a fix for recurring pain, migraines and jaw issues, wrinkle relaxers could very well be your ticket.

Our team at Blanc Skin are very experienced with utilising anti-wrinkle injections to ease pain and jaw issues at our Cottesloe clinic. Book in today for an obligation-free consultation!

PRICE: $640 (facial slimming and teeth grinding)


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