A balanced facial profile constitutes the foundation of an attractive face. Profile balancing is fast becoming a popular treatment and is defined as several different non-surgical procedures, being used in combination, to balance the features of an individual (and especially in profile).

It is possible to rejuvenate, shape, proportion and lift the face by making subtle yet significant changes to correct minor imbalances between the nose, chin, cheeks, brows or lips without the need for surgery.

Generally, non-surgical facial sculpting falls into two categories:

  • Rejuvenation – This is when fillers are used to replace lost volume and return the face to a previous more youthful state.

  • Enhancement – This is used to enhance areas of the face such as the cheeks, nose, tear troughs or lips to balance the facial shape. Dermal fillers can be used for beautification of the face through improving facial proportions. We can easily create a more defined and contoured look by adding small amounts of dermal filler in the correct places.

Jaw squareness can also be reduced with anti-wrinkle injections to achieve a significantly slimmer face. Additionally, we can tighten the skin by various methods including radio frequency, fractional resurfacing and skin needling.

1ml $800
2ml $1400
3ml $1800