Beauty at every age

Your skin is always changing. As the largest organ in the human body, it is constantly adapting to lifestyle changes, stressors, environmental factors and the inevitable fact of life...ageing! 

As you move through different stages in your life, your skin needs will change, meaning treatments and skincare regimes need to be adapted depending on your age. We chatted to one of our resident skin experts, Gemma, who gave us the low down on exactly what treatments and products should be prioritised at different ages. 

Let's be honest, your twenties are the best years of your life, right?! Breezing from one party to the next, brunch with the girls and carefree travel makes for a pretty good time. Unfortunately, this fast paced lifestyle can wreak havoc on your skin if it's not taken care of. These are the years we also see hormonal issues such as acne and first signs of ageing appear in the skin. New stresses such as starting full time work can also affect skin health. 

If you're in your twenties...
Prioritise a healthy lifestyle including plenty of sleep, nourishing food and water. Ingredients to look for in your skincare should be hyaluronic acid to replenish hydration, niacinamide to soothe any angry breakouts and a high factor SPF to protect against future sun damage. 

Regular peels are key to keeping skin at this age clear from blemishes, pigmentation and sun induced damage. Book in for a regular corrective peel to keep skin in tip top shape. 

Say hello to your first fine lines in your thirties! These are the years when melasma and pigmentation become more pronounced, as well as age spots and skin laxity. Loss of collagen and elastin occurs in the skin as part of the ageing process, resulting in looser skin. But don't fear! There are some wonderful in clinic treatments and home care products available at Blanc to treat all of these concerns.

If you're in your thirties...
Antioxidants in your skincare are going to become your saviour when it comes to combatting pigmentation and age spots. Feeding your skin with vitamins A and C will hold you in good stead as the years creep on and introducing an effective eye serum will help to fight any premature signs of ageing around the delicate eye area.

We also highly suggest adding Simply Brilliant Brightening Serum by Cosmedix into your daily skincare regime. Formulated with 10, skin-specific brightening ingredients, this is one of the most effective at-home solutions when it comes to improving dull, discoloured and uneven skin tones. 

Keep skin plump and healthy looking with monthly skin needling treatments which will tighten, lift and rejuvenate the skin by inducing the natural collagen response. Combined with regular wrinkle relaxers to smooth fine lines and corrective peels to help clarify, brighten and retexturise, you'll soon find that age is just a number! 


Your fourties are the decade in which you're likely to see increased collagen depletion, as the skin ageing process continues and volume loss in the skin is a lot more prominent. Dryness is also a common skin concern for those who have passed the big 40 mark as ageing skin produces less sebum. 

If you're in your fourties... 
Now is the time to increase the strength of your active skincare products. The great thing about so many of the ranges stocked at Blanc is that they allow the skin to step up to higher doses over time. Next time you're in, chat to one of our dermal therapists about moving up to a higher strength retinol and more intense vitamin c to ensure your skin is receiving maximum nutrients day and night.

Liquid Peptides by Medik8 are a great addition for ageing skin too. The ultra-hydrating formula features an age-defying multi-peptide complex that helps to fight expression wrinkles by minimising muscle contractions and plumping the complexion.

Tribella is the BEST in clinic option for skin at this age. The treatment involves three systems: photorejuvenation, anti-ageing and skin resurfacing for an all-in-one solution to help reduce wrinkles, plump skin, improve the appearance of uneven skin texture, scarring, enlarged pores and pigmentation. 

Dermal fillers are also another treatment option to consider in your fourties to help correct lines and give more volume to lips, cheeks or the outlines of the face. 

For those in their fifties, you may notice your skin is a little irritated and sensitive. This is because around menopause, the skin often gets a little drier and prone to irritation with conditions such as rosacea presenting during these years. It's important to keep skin hydrated with slightly more nourishing skincare products but also avoiding products that are too rich and potentially aggravating for rosacea and skin redness. 

If you're in your fifties...
Nourishing facials are going to be significant for restoring balance and essential hydration to ageing, stressed skin. Maintaining skin tightening treatments are also a great option to throw into the mix to keep skin tight and plump. 

When it comes to skincare products, Liquid Peptides and Eyelift Peptides are key products for helping to deliver key hydrating and anti-ageing ingredients deep into the skin's layers. Feed skin with essential antioxidants in the form of Medik8's Copper PCA Peptides serum for a serious boost and unmistakeable glow. 

If you're looking to reboot your skin health, contact the team at Blanc. We would be delighted to arrange a dermal therapy consultation with our team of highly experienced skin specialists who can advise on the best course of treatments and products to help you achieve stunning skin at any age! 

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